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Bronko's operates a full engine machine shop on the premises. While the main focus of the business is on air cooled motorcycle engines we do (as time permits) work on specialized automotive engines as well. However, we do NOT do standard rebuilding or repair. The only type of engine work performed is on vintage/performance/and or hot rod style engines. Specifically, we have rebuilt/repaired Porsche engines for a number of years and offer rebuilds on 356/911/914/ and 944 engines. Naturally price varies on the condition of the engine as it arrives. 911 crankcase line boring is available as is line boring for 356 type engines using factory equipment (we are one of the only shops in Canada that has this equipment - if not the only one). Other services include cylinder head rebuilding, crankshaft repair, camshaft repair/regrinding, magnaflux testing, head bolt time sert installation, cylinder boring/honing, connecting rod rebuilding, rocker arm repair and so on. We also carry a decent inventory of Porsche engine parts for those working on their own engines. Properly done engine work is expensive, particularly on Porsche engines, so accordingly we only use the best parts available from all of the major suppliers. Feel free to call anytime to discuss your needs. NOTE: partial rebuilding/repair is also available for those performing their own engine work but who lack the proper equipment for some of the more indepth aspects of the rebuild (eg: crankshaft grinding, cylinder head rebuild and so on). Automotive engine work MUST be booked ahead of time and a non-refundable deposit placed in order to secure a place in the rebuilding schedule. We only have the opportunity to complete a small amount of complete rebuilds per year so be sure to book early.

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