Shop Policy

Bronko's is not an inexpensive facility to have service work performed! We charge by the hour, however long it takes to do the job right (using the best possible products available). We will not compromise quality of workmanship in order to complete a job quickly based on a flat rate schedule. While we strive to provide competitive prices (on both parts and labour), if the only reason you are here is to "get a deal" (with all due respect) please feel free to take your business elsewhere. We take pride in the top quality engine and service work we provide and charge accordingly. Our shop rate is very reasonable, and you, the customer, will always benefit in the long run with this policy. NOTE: a large amount of the work we perform is the direct result of previous "shoddy" workmanship (especially on older/vintage machines). It costs a lot of money to correct prior mistakes so if your machine falls within this category please be prepared. The same applies for parts bought on e-Bay or over the internet (that you provide). Don't be surprised by a large bill when we have to modify/adapt poor quality products and/or parts bought for the wrong application. We also reserve the right to refuse to install parts bought elsewhere.  Note: we do not sell you parts you don't need, we don't sell you parts (we know don't work or are of substandard quality) just because our profit margin is larger, and when we do sell you a part...we actually do put it on your motorcycle (because believe it or not...some don't).   Thank you for your understanding.

Tires: we will NOT mount tires bought elsewhere due to liability issues.

Note: There is NO WARRANTY whatsoever (express or implied) on motorcycle engine work unless said work (eg; engine reassembly, tuning, etc.) is completed by BRONKO'S or another LICENSED MOTORCYCLE MECHANIC IN A LEGITIMATE MOTORCYCLE REPAIR FACILITY. Most importantly this refers to initial start up/break-in and heat cycling/carb and or ignition adjustments etc. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy as immediate engine damage can result due to improper initial starting/running procedures by inexperienced and/or unqualified persons. Premature engine failure can also occur due to undiagnosed contributing conditions (improper carb/fuel injection tuning, ignition timing, etc.). NOTE: working on your own bike in your own garage does NOT make you a "qualified" mechanic, no matter how long you might have done so. Government licensing, a term of apprenticeship (including several years direct experience working in the trade) and post secondary training does. Once again: THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY!

Additionally: 15 mins a day on an internet forum does NOT qualify someone as an "expert" or as an experienced motorcycle technician.  As referred to earlier, post secondary education combined with years of daily experience in the trade does.  This is the real world.  Use common sense.

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